Baroque Natural Shape Amber Beads

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Mixed Baroque Baltic Amber Beads 

NBaltic Amber Beads with holes (8mm-7mm). Approx 50 amber beads in each 10 grams.  Natural raw amber beads that have been polished.  Tumble stones.  Ideal for crafting and jewelry making.  Add to your designs - bags, hats, clothing.  All can be brightened up with amber gems.  

10 gram bags
Weight: 10 gram X 50 piece approx
Amber Size: 8mm X 7mm approx
Materials: Polished Baltic amber Baroque shape.
All of our Amber beads already have a drilled hole in them.  
1mm Hole.
Honey colour - shade mad differ a little from photo.
Approximate beads size: varies.
Shape: size and shape varies as they are natural amber stones.