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Diagonal Elasticated Amber Ring

An elastic ring made of mixed colour amber gems

Colours: Mixed colour
Diameter: 2cm elastic.
Size: expands from approx US size 6 to 8.5 
Weight: ~1.5g
Separated by small Amber spacers.

This Elastic Amber Ring is a natural Amber Gemstone ring, flexible, warm and comfortable. Unique Amber Ring in the traditional mix of colours made from 9 pieces of Genuine Baltic Amber. Each Amber Gem is approx. x .5cm. The pieces are slightly curved and flat inside with rounded edges which makes it quite comfortable. Because it is elasticated, it will fit any finger comfortably. More than just a pretty ring, it ideal for anyone suffering from joint pain, repetitive strain or accidental damage in the hands or wrist as amber has natural pain relieving and anti inflammatory qualities.

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