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Natural Handmade Amber Amulet Pendant

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Fantastic Eco Gift. Natural Handmade Honey Amulet on silver.
This Baltic Amber Amulet Pendant makes a natural statement.  A hand shaped amber gem is hung on a 925 sterling silver chain.  A lovely warm color, the flat shape rests against the chest.  It feels wonderfully warm and comforting to wear.   Suitable for men or women.

Weight: ~8.7grams.
Gem size approx.
Length: 42mm
Width: 20mm
Depth: 10mm
Amber: Baltic Amber
Unique only one made... That is the nature of Amber can never be copied every piece of Amber is different !!!!
The Amulet in the photo is the one you get.

Love, strength, luck and healing properties are all associated with amber, and it has been used for adornment for centuries.  

Elegant and natural Baltic Amber Gemstone and Silver pendant. Made from the finest and most intriguing, cognac amber stone, this amber pendant would make a perfect gift for any stylish woman. The pendant features a beautifully bulbous, honey color polished amber stone. This stone boasts wonderful internal detail which catch the light just perfectly. The minimalist triangular design will add a sophisticated touch to your casual look.

We have sold and got feedback from many, many customers over 17 years and are leading experts in amber jewellery. If you would like to know more about our Baltic amber jewelry and how it can help, please get in touch. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you.