Offer SALE 60 Mixed Loose Genuine Baltic Amber Beads with holes, Approx 0.7g each piece

Wholesale Price.
Polished Baroque and Bean Baltic Amber Beads with holes. 60 genuine amber beads. A mix of colors and sizes. jewellery makers supplies. Ideal for crafters. Loose drilled genuine amber beads.

Average weight 0.7g to 0.9g each.
Approx 50 gram for 60 pieces approx.
1mm Hole or no hole you pick.
Each set are unique and may differ from the photo.

Approx Amber Size: Bean 20mm X 12mm X 4mm
Amber Colour: Multicolour.
Materials: Baltic amber
Multicolour or Butterscotch or Cognac or Golden or Cherry or Green-Grey Polished Roundish/Baroque Baltic Amber Beads with holes.. 60 amber beads
All of our Amber beads are 40 million year old Baltic Amber.
Each set are unique, We drill to order and post the same day.

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