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Rosary Beads

Rosary Beads

Quality yellow amber beads make this unique rosary beads. Christian Rosary Beads with a hand carved gemstone cross to make a very special Religious gift for any niece, nephew, godchild or grandchild receiving a sacrament, especially a first communion, confirmation and wedding gift.  The amber beads are light and warm to the touch, so amber is well suited for this use.
    Full 5 Decade Rosary  
    Packaged in its own gift bag
    Weight 7.4g
    Bead size approx 5mm
    Posted Worldwide everyday

Historically, before the manufacture of plastic beads, amber was used to make rosaries for use throughout Europe.  It is ideally suited to this because of the warm feel.  The beads are a natural shape, not perfectly rounded like plastic.  The cross are also made from amber, shaped by hand, and are pieces of beauty.  Each piece supplied in it's own gift bag. A unique and special gift.

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