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Dainty Adjustable Bracelet

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Complete your look with this funky fashionable bracelet. Amber with a modern twist, this cord bracelet is ideal for men. A minimalist statement on it's own or good for stacking. A durable bracelet, tough and flexible. The beads are small 6mm rounded beads so are comfortable as they are not too big. They are not perfectly round so look very natural. This bracelet is threaded on adjustable cord.

Amber can ease the discomfort of work strains and aches so this bracelet is ideal as a healing gift. Baltic amber has been used for centuries to help with chronic pain conditions. It can help arthritis, wear and tear on bones and joints, repetitive strain injuries, broken bones, accidental damage, carpel tunnel. Wearers report increased mobility. The key to having amber help is to wear it all the time and this bracelet is ideal for that. Get your Mojo back with this healing bracelet.

It is adjustable from the smallest size of 16cm to the largest of 20cm.
Approx 20 beads, naturally rounded.
Size of beads approx 6mm X 6mm.
Weight 3.5gr.
It may also be used on the ankle. Very tough and durable bracelet. This is one of our best selling bracelets.

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