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Turquoise and Amber Necklace for Women

 Turquoise and Amber Necklace

Turquoise and Amber together make a super powerful combination.  Our quality genuine Baltic amber is paired with a striking blue genuine turquoise bead.  

  • Genuine Baltic Amber Beads
  • Bead Shape: Naturally rounded bead shape
  • Bead Colour: Dark Honey Amber and Turquoise.
  • Length: 45cm, 50cm 55cm
  • Can be used as a double anklet - will go around twice
  • Clasp: Screw
  • Cotton thread, knotted between each bead
  • Certificate of Amber Authenticity

Turquoise is particularly associated with the throat chakra.  Birthstone for Sagittarius and December.  See more about Turquoise here.   

Not suitable for under 3 years.  Small parts.

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